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North East Inheritance database (pre-1858 Durham Probate Records)

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Details of probate records found

Dame Elizabeth FREVILE, wife of Sir George Frevile knight, widow, of Wallworth in the county palatine of Durham [Heighington, County Durham]; also spelt Freville

Date of probate: 1630

testator requests to be buried at Sedgefield with her husband

  • will, 1 July 1630 (DPR/I/1/1630/F9/1-2)
    endorsed with memorandum relating to 20 Nov 1753 High Court of Chancery case: Sir Dudley Ryder, H.M. Attorney General, at the relation of James Leslie D.D. and James Thompson clerk v John Burdon esquire and Robert Ord gentleman and others
    Full edition published in Wood, H.M. (ed) "Wills and Inventories from the Registry at Durham, Part IV" (Surtees Society, number 142, 1929, reprinted 1968), p 223-229
  • codicil, 2 October 1630 (DPR/I/1/1630/F9/3)

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