Access keys

Access keys, sometimes termed 'Hot-keys', are one means of increasing the accessibility of a website. They are keyboard short-cuts for users of the site that can not or prefer not to use the mouse. Access keys are activated in different ways depending upon which browser you are using.

Explorer: ALT + [access key] + Enter.
Firefox 2.0: ALT + SHIFT + [access key]
Mozilla: ALT + [access key].
Macintosh: CTRL + [access key].

Thus, if you want the contact details for the NEI team then press ALT + 9 + Enter if you are using Explorer, or just ALT + 9 if you are using Mozilla, or ALT + SHIFT + 9 if you are using Firefox 2.0, or just CTRL + 9 if you are using a Mac. The access keys defined below have been chosen to conform to current W3C and UK government accessibility standards and also so as not to clash with existing default Explorer and Mozilla browser menu access key short-cuts. If these key assignments cause problems with some users' pre-assigned access key short-cuts, or if you have any other suggestions for ways to improve the accessibility or improvement of the NEI site, please let us know.

space1 - Navigate to Home Page

spaceI - Navigate to Featured documents

spaceJ - Navigate to Which wills do we hold? Probate jurisdiction

spaceK - Navigate to Probate court

spaceN - Navigate to How did a will get proved? Probate business

spaceQ - Navigate to Probate records

spaceU - Navigate to History of the collection

spaceW - Navigate to About the project

spaceX - Navigate to Useful texts

space2 - Navigate to NEI project progress

space9 - Navigate to Contact us

space3 - Navigate to Sitemap

spaceY - Navigate to Cookies policy

space0 - Navigate to Access key information

In addition, users with poor eyesight can press CTRL and + or CTRL and - to adjust the size of the text.